5 Huge Repercussions of Delayed Furnace Repairs

Like in most homes, your furnace is tucked away somewhere out of sight. As long as it’s performing optimally and it is up to the task, well no one has to really get concerns. What most of us forget to remember is that the furnace is also prone to mechanical issues as long as it is running. It is also prone to the accumulation of grime and dirt on some of its parts. Poor maintenance and delayed repairs will only make matters worse as it endangers the occupant’s health and will also be a risk to your wallet. Below are some 5 huge repercussions of delayed furnace repairs that property owners should know about.

#1 Poor Air Quality

When the furnace’s air filter gets clogged up by dust, debris, and mold, the filter is unable to keep particles out. Before you know it, all these particles are being circulated throughout the building along with the heated air. This occurs as a result of poor maintenance and delayed air filter replacement. You will realize that as soon as you turn on the heat, there are dust particles everywhere. This becomes critical to your health, increasing high chances of respiratory infections and allergies. To those with respiratory conditions like asthma, they are more at risk where there are such delays in furnace repair.

#2 Variation in Temperature

This is brought about by a faulty thermostat or airflow interference in case there’s clogging in some parts of the heating system, such as the blower motor. In such a case, you find the living space either too hot or too cold for some people in the building. When the thermostat or clogging problem is left unattended, it will obviously affect the unit’s performance and put your home’s comfort in jeopardy.

#3 Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

There is a component in your furnace called the heat exchanger, which basically prevents poisonous gasses coming out from the combustion process by venting them out. There are constant expansions and contractions in each cycle of temperature variation. The frequent expansions and contraction may over time, cause cracks on the heat exchanger. Poisonous carbon monoxide can escape through the cracks and find its way into the building]. Carbon monoxide is not only dangerous but deadly gas and its escape from a damaged furnace can leave the residents exposed to the risk of CO poisoning. According to CSIA, a well-tuned furnace can prevent CO poisoning due to delayed furnace repairs.

#4 Furnace and Heating Equipment Breakdown

Lack of proper furnace repair and negligence to the furnace will increase the rate of tear and wear on different parts of your heating systems. This in return drastically reduces the longevity of your furnace. A well-maintained and promptly repaired furnace should, in most cases serve you for a good 15-20 years on average.

#5 Costly Furnace Repairs or Replacement

Having your furnace regularly checked and repaired is going to be a pocket-friendly situation for you. The amount of money on repairs and replacing minor worn out parts as soon as possible will be far less that of having to replace your furnace with a new one. Delayed furnace repairs, on the other hand, will attract bigger problems, or even get you contemplating between furnace repair and replacement, both of which can be costly.

You can avoid these repercussions by having your furnace repaired promptly and appropriately serviced by professionals.