Coveting – Choies Jacket

Jacket from Choies

I hadn’t done a coveting post in a while and I figured you were probably getting pretty bored of my face, so here ya go!

I am major crushing on this Choies jacket to cuddle up in and never take off during Winter. Just picture it with leather trousers, spiky heels, smouldery smokey eyes and heaps of attitude. Très cool.

Also a few of you readers (hi mum and dad) might be aware that my birthday is coming up… Just for the record, also liking this, this, and this. Basically pretty much everything on the site!


dress from h&m, heels from zara, necklace from india

I’ll keep this short and sweet, cause quite frankly I’m delirious from lack of sleep (It’s nearing 1 in the morning here in London, waaay past my bedtime).

Shot this a while back in Somerset House not long before LFW. I was actually in two minds about this dress, it was a bit pricey for h&m however it was the last one in the shop so I thought I’d better snag it and decide later! In the end I couldn’t quite bring myself to take it back, so it’s now in the back of my wardrobe with thousands of other dresses, and will unfortunately probably never be seen again!

Alas, such is the way with fast fashion. Don’t blame me, blame society! (Eek semi-political ramblings are definitely a sign it’s time to go to bed).

Frankfurt in Missguided

dress, cardigan, shoes, rings, bag and necklace all missguided (click for links)

I wore this outfit in Frankfurt last weekend, visiting a friend (hey Lauren!) and exploring the town. I’m sure Frankfurt is beautiful and all, however it rained non-stop so we spent most of the time oohing and ahhing over lingerie in the comfort (and dryness) of the main shopping centre.

I’m wearing head-to-toe missguided in this outfit, which if you read this blog at all you may have noticed is one of my favourite brands. I love this look, when wandering around in it I attracted so many glances (possibly because it was raining and I was inappropriately dressed, but i’d like to think it’s because I looked ace..)! My mum actually went and ordered the same shoes in tan, so now we’re going to be doing that whole awkward mother-daughter matchy outfit look. Maybe I should start a whole new blog section – mum and me in lame duo outfits? Sounds like a hit to me!

This post is in collaboration with Missguided


shorts from china, shoes from zara, bracelet from brazil

I wore this outfit on a trip to a historic village in France called Colmar, which was so cute and perfectly French and reminded me of the village Belle lives in in Beauty and The Beast. Belle is my soul disney character, basically just cause she’s brunette and beast is hawwt when he transforms, so I was totally diggin pretending to be a disney princess (the overweight coach party tourists sort of shattered the illusion though).

Farm Girl

dress from stradivarius, sandals from new look

My go-to style this summer has been easy breezy drop waist dresses like this green one from Stradivarius. It’s great to wear casually like this, or dressed up with heels and fancy jewels (not that I own fancy jewels, but ya know, in an ideal world).

This is another look from my mini-break last weekend. We were staying in a tiny French village on the German/Swiss border, where there were more cornfields than people, and the nearest proper supermarket was several towns away. I spent the weekend largely signal-less, with the only sign of civilization reruns of Le Simpsons on TV in French. I’m not complaining though, it’s nice to get away from 7 O’clock alarms and deadlines!

Le classics

top from asos, jeans from abercrombie, heels from zara

This outfit is uncharacteristically simple, but I had gotten up at 5 to get a stupidly early ferry to France that morning which I think more than justifies a casual day. Unfortunately at 5 in the morning I was too bleary-eyed and out of it to realise I’d dressed like a major French stereotype in my striped breton top. Regardless I quite like this look, and going simple every once in a while. Next thing you know I’ll be trading in my heels for trainers! (LOL jk heels 4 lyf).

Somerset House

dress from h&m, necklace from the v&a, shoes from nine west

I’m currently working in Somerset House, which if you aren’t a Londoner is a gorgeous old building in the heart of London (and the stage for London Fashion Week). The interior is so pretty I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures, even though the lighting was so terrible most of the photos turned out to be blurry messes.

The dress is from H&M, and what you can’t see is that it’s fleece lined inside, so its nice and warm. It makes me look a bit like a sack of potatoes…but chic potatoes! It’s definitely a fashion thing. Or maybe just some conspiracy to make people think they look super stylish when actually they just look stupid? If so, they’ve definitely got me hoodwinked.

(P.S. Yes my hair is a mess. That’s its natural state I’m afraid.)


Dress from h&m, jacket from missguided, shirt from ralph lauren, shoes from new look via a charity shop, long circle necklace from morocco, short triangle necklace a gift, bag from china.

I wore this look the other day to work (I’m interning at Woolmark), then onto drinks in Camden and finally to a football match (sans heels). I’d like to say the look was thrown together, but actually it was the result of several hours the night before lying in bed fretting over what I could possibly wear to both work and football.. An effortless dresser I am not, that’s for sure!