8 sleeps till Christmas

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Anoushka Probyn Fashion Blog
Anoushka Probyn Fashion Blog
Anoushka Probyn Fashion Blog
Anoushka Probyn Fashion Blog
Anoushka Probyn Fashion Blog
Anoushka Probyn Fashion Blog
Anoushka Probyn Fashion Blog
Anoushka Probyn Fashion Blog
jacket from h&m (similar here and here, tunic from topshop, hat from a charity shop, heels from new look, choker from topshop, green stone ring from nikki stark jewellery

The title is sort of misleading, as actually these images aren’t particularly festive at all. I had planned on doing a ‘Christmas party looks’ post, but unfortunately my lack of Christmas party invitations rather nipped that idea in the bud. However, I am still SUPER EXCITED, and I figure this outfit includes burgundy which is a form of red which means this is bassicaaallly a Christmas look.

I’m wearing a hat I stumbled across while perusing a local charity shop (for any readers from across the pond, that’s the English equivalent of a thrift store), and couldn’t resist. The Indian half of me is a sucker for anything with colour and sequins, plus it made me think of pearly kings and queens and 90s vogue biker chicks, which are both good things.

My new ring is something you’ll be seeing a lot more of. Slender barely-there rings are so chic at the moment, and this one is my favourite of the bunch. Like sequins and shine, I also cannot resist anything green!

Anyway, I’m off to don my Christmasiest Christmas jumper, Christmas pudding mittens, and light up Santa Claus earrings. Time to brave the crowds and do some last minute panic Christmas buying. Wish me luck!


Coveting: Christmas Edition

Christmas Gift Guide by Fashion Blogger Anoushka Probyn

It’s prime Christmas present buying time, so I thought I’d share a few of the goodies I’m hoping to see under my tree come Christmas day! I started my Christmas list back in…ooh, around January, so I am well prepared when anyone asks me what I want for Christmas. Hopefully this will inspire you for your last minute gift buying, or maybe a cheeky Christmas gift to yourself..

Anoushka Probyn UK Fashion Blogger Illustrated Gift Guide
Chiara Ferragni Joanne Shoes

I’m generally somewhat dubious of the fashion blogger turned designer thing (no I don’t want a plain white tee with your blog logo on), however I must admit I have a major crush on Chiara Ferrangi of The Blonde Salad’s sequinned slippers. I love a kitsch shoe and these are so cute! Just a shame about the price tag – I’m already saving up for next summer as unfortunately a Bestival ticket won’t buy itself!

Anoushka Probyn UK Fashion Blogger Illustrated Gift Guide
Diptyque L’Eau de Neroli Eau de Toilette

This fragrance by Diptyque is my favourite scent. With hints of Bergamot, Neroli, Orange Blossom, Patchouli and White Musks it’s a perfect blend of sweet and fruity without being too overpowering. This is my perfume of choice for hot summer days spent in flowy white dresses exploring new places, or alternatively sprawled on the sofa watching reruns of friends in pyjamas, which is honestly more likely how I’ll spend my summer.

Anoushka Probyn UK Fashion Blogger Illustrated Gift Guide
Forever 21 Faux Suede Aviator Jacket

I have been crushing on this jacket for so long now, I’ve had it hovering in my virtual basket several times before chickening out. The colour is one of my picks for the season, and the cool off-duty aviator style is tres chic. It’s now actually on sale from £50 to £35, so it might be time to take the plunge!

Anoushka Probyn UK Fashion Blogger Illustrated Gift Guide
Anthropologie Velvet Reverie Clutch

If I could be a shop, I would be Anthropologie. It smells nice, it looks pretty, it has the most amazing homewear ever.. I literally live in the Kings Road branch lusting over all the things I would buy if I was a Sloaney Pony. The picture does not do this bag justice – it’s super gorgeous in real life, all soft and velvety and super shiny. In my head I’d be hosting a charity gala at the met, draped in furs and clutching this bag in my hand.. A girl can dream!


The Weather Outside Is Frightful..

jacket from chicwish, top from topshop, chain from matalan, jeans from abercrombie and fitch, bracelet from asos, boots from very

Hey folks! I’m currently writing this wrapped up in blankets on my sofa, with both my radiator and portable heater turned on full blast. The weather forecast is threatening gale-force winds and snow, my nose is permanently dripping, and Mariah Carey is crooning everywhere I go. If anything is going to test my festive goodwill it’s hearing ‘All I want for Christmas’ for the hundredth time when all I want is to buy a carton of milk in peace…

Anyway you’re probably not here to listen to me grumble on about the trials and tribulations of buying dairy during the festive season, apologies for the slightly Scrooge-ish diversion. Perhaps you remember I was debating whether to dip my toes into the thigh high boot trend in this post? Well instead of investing anew I decided to pull out my old pair and stuff them with legwarmers so that they fit a little better. I have to say I’m still not convinced, I think I’ll leave this look to the pros!

I got this jacket recently from my current fave chicwish, and I love it. Sure, it’s shedded over everything I own so now I look like a crazy cat lady covered in fur, but its so worth it. It’s a piece that instantly gives me a (deluded) rock-star swagger, putting it on I immediately feel like I’m ‘with the band’. I’m thinking of pairing it with a fedora, band tee, sequins and hot indie frontman for an oh so Saint Laurent look next! Anyone got Alex Turner’s number?


Tis the Season

coat from french connection, shirt from a charity shop (diy), skirt from forever 21, bag from a charity shop, necklace from the v&a, shoes from bally, bracelet from china

Merry Christmas everyone! This is my first December post, which means it’s officially ok for me to be getting excited about mince pies, fairy lights, tinsel, and the Yves Saint Laurent bag I’m hoping will be sitting under the tree come December 25th (hint hint!).

It also unfortunately means that it’s getting dark by four, if it ever got light in the first place, which doesn’t often seem to be happening much at the moment. We’re living in a permanent fuggy rainy haze of semi-daylight here in London, which makes it pretty difficult to take any decent photos. It’s also very cold, and I’m a wimp!

This look was shot a few weeks back before the temperature plummeted. I think I was trying to mix up my usual ‘jeans, hoodie and last night’s makeup’ uni look, going super preppy for a traditional collegiate look. With it’s blazer-style lapel and buttons this coat is an easy way to prep up any look! Also how cool is the neckace? It was a steal on sale at The V&A a while back, and it’s so much of a statement it could be worn with nothing but socks and sandals and a bumbag combo and still looked dressed up (don’t actually do that, I don’t advocate socks and sandals and a bumbag as a fashionable choice unless you’re a middle-aged tourist on safari).

Keep an eye on the blog in the next few weeks as I’ve got a few Christmas-themed posts in the pipeline! Expect generous helpings of sequins, glitter, and possibly even some tinsel. In the mean time, why not subscribe by email or on bloglovin?


Hyper Japan

jacket from zara, dress from closet via asos, shoes from french connection, necklace from brazil

I wore this outfit to the Hyper Japan Christmas Market in London, a fun Japanese themed event in London selling lots of yummy food, kitschy toys and anime memorabilia. There were a lot of wackily dressed up people with blue hair and fake swords! My full outfit included a kimono, and yet I was still one of the most normal people there. I was trying to dress all kitsch and kawaii, looking back at it I wish I’d gone all out with pink hair and bows galore.

One of my favourite things about living in London is that there’s so much going on all the time, you can never claim to be bored! It’s a melting pot of culture – one day it’s Japanese Christmas market, the next it’s a Bollywood film festival, or a Vietnamese street food fair. Of course you can’t forget the traditionally British things too – high tea at Claridges anyone?

If you don’t follow me on instagram you missed out on pictures of obscure Japanese candy and super-kawaii phone cases!