Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club

Jacket from ebay, shoes from h&m, dress from asos, bag from betty jackson black at debenhams

I bought this jacket for a fancy dress party for which I was a solider/unintentionally Cheryl Cole. Kind of a boring choice I know, but really I just wanted an excuse to buy the jacket! Unfortunately I couldn’t afford the beautiful vintage ones they sell at Camden Market, but this was the next best thing.

This is another outfit I shot with photographer Mark Castillo the other day. Sorry it’s not Halloween themed, however I felt a bit weird about getting dressed in fancy dress for no reason to take pictures! However today I am wearing a wannabe Morticia Addams black shift under a lace cardi with handkerchief sleeves, and I feel super witchy. Happy Halloween everyone!

Notting Hill

Coat from Burberry, Jeans from Abercrombie, Boots from Marks and Spencer, Necklace from Primark

Although I have a backlog of looks clogging up my drafts at the moment, I just couldn’t resist sharing these photos from my recent collaboration with the wonderfully talented photographer Mark Castillo. We shot these photographs during a stroll round the beautifully picturesque streets of Notting Hill, where the houses are pastel and every other person you pass is walking a fancy-haired dog.

I’m wearing a Burberry coat nicked from my XXL 6″3 boyfriend, so to hide the fact that it swamps me I decided to turn it inside out and let the pattern distract from the humongous shape. Burberry need to actually make this in a more manageable woman’s size (preferably for a tenner, please)!

Unfortunately it was a bit of a whirlwind tour as I had to rush to work straight after, but we still managed to snap a few shots. My own meager camera now feels hopelessly inadequate with it’s poxy 10 megapixels…

If you want to see more of Mark’s work, go to his Facebook and Instagram, or for enquiries email! Also keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the images in this series, coming soon to a blog near you!


vintage jacket from nifty thrifty, jeans from abercrombie, boots from missguided, necklace from marrakesh

These photos were taken on the last leg of my recent trip, during a brief stopover in Helsinki. If you haven’t been to Helsinki before… IT’S EXPENSIVE. London is expensive, sure. But Helsinki is a whole new level. It’s like 20 Euros for a cuppa coffee! You’d need to take out a mortgage to buy a full meal!

Anyway, fashion and all that good stuff. This jacket is vintage and ridiculous with it’s big eighties power-dressing career-woman ‘I don’t need no man’ shoulders, but I love the print so I put up with the fact that I have to walk through doors sideways to fit. With a print this good, it doesn’t matter that I’m basically wearing jeans and a hoodie underneath!

Also sorry (I seem to be constantly apologising on here nowadays!) that I’ve been wearing the same boots in nearly all these holiday posts. It was hand luggage only, and unfortunately shoes take up an awful lot of room. Some clever airline should come up with a separate shoe allowance taking into consideration that the modern woman needs at least one pair of shoes per day. I would fly on that airline!

An Indian in Tallinn

jacket from french connection, top from missguided, boots from missguided, rings from missguided, skirt from india

Apologies I haven’t posted in ages, I’ve been a bit under the weather and it seems to have sucked all my creativity. Several times I’ve sat down and tried to put this post together, and ended up looking at videos of puppies on YouTube and planning my Halloween costume instead (Morticia Adams, always).

This is my last look from Tallinn, wearing a printed wrap-around skirt picked up in India. I’ve realised so many of my looks start with me feeling lazy and wearing one statement piece with a bunch of basics. In this case I paired the skirt with a monochrome palette, adding ‘boho’ details with the fringe jacket and tassels on the boots. I know all the trend forecasts went on about the sixties being the thing this winter, but I’m definitely channeling the seventies hippy look!

Orange Aztec

jacket vintage, jeans and shoes from asos, t-shirt from topshop, necklace from camden market

My cousin told me she finds my blog ramblings entertaining, so now I’m feeling pressured and this post will probably be super boring, sorry. I think she meant entertaining in a ‘you’re such an idiot i’m judging you’ way, but whatevs. I’m glad someone reads this bit, even if it is just to laugh at me!

Anyywaay sorry this post was meant to go up on Sunday but I got distracted by life (lie-ins, bacon breakfasts, the usual..). This is look numero 3 from my trip to Tallinn a couple of weekends ago. I’ve had this jacket and boots for years but they never got much wear, until one day I woke up and decided they’d be perfect together. At the moment it’s my go-to combo for when I’m feeling eccentric!