An Indian in Tallinn

jacket from french connection, top from missguided, boots from missguided, rings from missguided, skirt from india

Apologies I haven’t posted in ages, I’ve been a bit under the weather and it seems to have sucked all my creativity. Several times I’ve sat down and tried to put this post together, and ended up looking at videos of puppies on YouTube and planning my Halloween costume instead (Morticia Adams, always).

This is my last look from Tallinn, wearing a printed wrap-around skirt picked up in India. I’ve realised so many of my looks start with me feeling lazy and wearing one statement piece with a bunch of basics. In this case I paired the skirt with a monochrome palette, adding ‘boho’ details with the fringe jacket and tassels on the boots. I know all the trend forecasts went on about the sixties being the thing this winter, but I’m definitely channeling the seventies hippy look!

Orange Aztec

jacket vintage, jeans and shoes from asos, t-shirt from topshop, necklace from camden market

My cousin told me she finds my blog ramblings entertaining, so now I’m feeling pressured and this post will probably be super boring, sorry. I think she meant entertaining in a ‘you’re such an idiot i’m judging you’ way, but whatevs. I’m glad someone reads this bit, even if it is just to laugh at me!

Anyywaay sorry this post was meant to go up on Sunday but I got distracted by life (lie-ins, bacon breakfasts, the usual..). This is look numero 3 from my trip to Tallinn a couple of weekends ago. I’ve had this jacket and boots for years but they never got much wear, until one day I woke up and decided they’d be perfect together. At the moment it’s my go-to combo for when I’m feeling eccentric!


skirt from asos, necklace from brazil, shoes from missguided

This look is the second of five looks from my trip to Tallinn this past weekened. You may be thinking ‘five outfits in one weekend, really Anoushka?’, and quite rightly so. The night before we left I avoided packing till about 11:30pm (my alarm set for 04:15 the next morning), then promptly panicked and stuffed every paisley/fringed/remotely 70’s bohemian piece I owned into my suitcase. Not sure why panic brings out my inner 70’s hippy, but there you go.

Despite being hand baggage only this proved to be quite a lot of clothing, so I decided to channel my inner diva (yeah I have a lot of inner personalities), and do several outfit changes. Breakfast, one oufit, lunch, another, after lunch drinks, one more, and so on. I reckon the hotel concierge thought I was a massive weirdo, but to be fair, that’s not far off!

This outfit is about the least hippy dippy of the lot, however the Indian half of me does gravitate to pretty prints and paisley’s like this one. I got this skirt for about £9 in the asos sale a while back, and I love it. It can be made all 90’s grunge with a crop top and docs, or layered with a kimono and peasant blouse and bam you’re back in the 70’s. I love clothes that work with all my many personalities!

Nineteen Twenties in Tallinn

dress from river island, jumper from asos, shoes from missguided, bag from missguided

Sorry for the lack of posting recently, if you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I’ve been away in Tallinn and breifly Helsinki over the weekend, watching football and being a proper all round lad (well not really, apart from watching football i wasn’t very laddy at all).

This outfit is from my first full day in Tallinn, all dressed up in sequins and shine to explore the city! If you know me even remotely you’ll know I have major magpie tendencies when it comes to clothes – the shimmerier the better! The twenties is definitely my soul era.

I’ve got a whole more looks from Tallinn coming your way, so watch this space! Or if you’re lazy, you can subscribe to my blog to receive posts by e-mail, or follow me on bloglovin!

Introducing: My Favourite London Haunts

Despite having lived in London for all of my 20-odd years on this earth, I never feel like I truly know it as I’m always discovering amazing new places and things to do.

I thought I’d start sharing some of the places I find through my adventures in London, starting with my absolute favourite pub, the beautiful Dickens Inn.

Based in St Katharine docks near The Thames and the Tower of London, it’s the perfect place to sit outside on a summers day watching the boats in the harbor. I haven’t actually figured out what the connection is with the great man himself, but considering the pub has been around since the 18th century I imagine there’s some super cool (if you’re into literary history, that is) connection.

There’s a pizzeria upstairs which is pretty delicious, as well as a grill restaurant which I have never tried but will certainly find an excuse to soon! Most of the time though you’ll find me buried in a sofa in a cosy corner, watching football and downing rum and coke’s like there’s no tomorrow!

P.S. I’ve given my blog a bit of a facelift, what do you think? It was done with my limited coding ability, so let me know if you find any glitches!